Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Boy what a day!

S had to be at church at 730 am because it was also youth Sunday.  Not exactly sure who thought that was a good idea... well actually it really was cause as a mom I was SO proud of my S and her part.  Well, she didn't speak, but her part was pretty moving all the same.  Two of the youth sang Casting Crowns "Voice of Truth" (which ALWAYS gets me) and S and her friend came in holding a banner like a wave with a huge, "REGRET", written on it.  They then waved it around a 'boat' another young lady was standing in and who was signing the words to the song. Not sure if I described it well enough but it sure was powerful.  And S was beautiful of course. But I might be a biased mom.

I then was taken out to buy my very own yellow rose plant.  Yellow are my favorite...I don't much care what the whole color means.... just love the yellow. ;o)  And now I can make my own bouquets!

We got to have lunch at my mom's house.  That was fun.  We even got to talk about the adoption briefly without any issue.  That's progress I think. 

Then dinner with my mother in law here at the house.  D made meatballs and rice... yum!  He's such a good husband.

Then came the kicker....
I was putting N to bed and he looked up at the pictures that we we were given of his birth family on his wall.  He pointed at his birth dad and said "That's my Oopia dad"  To which I said "yes".  He then pointed to a picture of him with his nanny and said "That's my oopia mom"  I said "Nope, that was your nanny, but she sure did love you too."  He then said, "I want a picture of my oopia mom"  *gulp* I said "Yes I would like a picture of her too" He said "Can we go buy one?"  *ouch!!*  I said, "No buddy we can't but I am sure she is thinking of you!"  Then the big ouch "Do you think she's looking for me in Oopia?"  I gulped again, gave him a huge hug, stalling for time, to think of the best answer for his little 3 yr old mind, I mean this could make or break his little psyche!!... then said "I'll bet she's thinking about how much she loves you and knows we are here loving you very very much." 

He hugged me back and then jumped off my lap looking for a book.  Discussion done.

My prayer last night was for his mom, where ever she may be, and his other birth family that may be missing him.  And for my little E without a mommy there to care for him.  

And not to forget my Z... he went out and bought me a card with his own money and even wrote something other than his signature in it.  He's such an amazing kid.

Again too blessed for words!

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