Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So it looks like our great and Glorious God is answering prayers!

Very brief but special word came today that our Little E was awake, alert and speaking!!! This is HUGE!  Well, I am not a medical person and we don't have a medical report... but this is certainly an improvement over yesterday!

All Praise Honor and Glory to God!

ok, on another light note I have to share a great N, funny!

Today I got a call from his Daycare instructor...uh oh... here's how the convo went:
Her: Just have to report something.  Let me first say that N is not is trouble.
Me: (so why are you calling?)  "Ok, what's up?"
Her: We had a little incident today.
Me: (uh oh) What happened?
Her:  Well at snack time N was sitting next to a little girl.  We don't know what happened but she suddenly decided to stand up and bare her bottom to N.
Me:(trying not to LOL) uh huh, so what did N do?
Her: (bursts out laughing) He reached out and tickled it!
Me: Well, we are butt ticklers in this household.

So I may now rename N, the Butt Tickler.  

They had to have a talk about it with the class ... whole not exposing yourself, and not touching inappropriately.  

When I got home he immediately said "MOM!  I was a good boy today!  Oh and G showed me her butt!"  I said "Really?  What did you do?"  He said " I tickled it" giggle giggle  So I said, "We're not supposed to show our bodies to our friends at school right?"  N says with dramatic shaking of head and a face only N can make "NOOOO! You not posed to show your butt, someone might tickle it"

I love this kid!  Now we just have to get E home, and life will be MORE better than good!


Matthew and Amanda said...

I am SO glad to hear your son is doing better. It must be breaking your heart to be so far away from him right now.

LOVE the "tickling" story. Kids are awesome!


Angela said...

Great news about E! And, what a funny little story. I loved it. Thanks for the smile! And, thanks for the 'congrats' message, too! We are thrilled!

Leslie said...

I'm so glad he is doing better. I am praying for him and for you all.