Monday, May 5, 2008

Amazing day!

We had a blast at Busch Garden's Sunday!
The weather was perfect and there were hardly any people at the park so the wait in line was 5 - 10 minutes as opposed to an hour.  In some cases we walked right on, or waited in the longer 10 minute lines to get in the front row.  So much fun.  I LOVE roller coasters.  I believe I must have some kind of masochism those since I am SO afraid of heights... it such a love hate relationship.  I will admit though the screaming at the top of my lungs is such a stress reliever! I highly recommend it.

So as I said in an earlier post, we went because Third Day was playing.  D's absolute favorite Christian band, and one of my top.  So we were in one of those short roller coaster ride's when what do i see?  Mac Powell (the lead singer) getting out of the coaster car in front of us.  I nudge D strongly,  "Hey that's Mac Powell!!!"  He thinks quickly, and runs out of line after him and jumps the fence to reach him.  There I am standing in line, thinking... shucks, wish I could jump fences in a single bound.

He reaches the band as they are exiting, and asks for an autograph.  They were all very nice, waited for him to find a pen, and signed what happened to be the back of a pic of N. Now it's like the best ever picture of all time, his son and his favorite band!  AND he made it back in line to ride with me. ;o)

Then we get to the concert and it's already pretty packed so we have to sit pretty far back. What a bummer!  But they are really not bad seats, and we enjoy the first band, a new one, but not bad at all.  They were called Revival.  Then Matthew West played, also a great singer.  He was alot of fun.    There was then an hour wait until Third Day was to play. So we did what any good fan base would and went to find better seats.  And we hit the jackpot.  We ended up in the very front, on the floor, FRONT ROW!  WOOHOO!  Praising God, singing songs, watching them sing... it was pretty darned amazing.  

At the end we were able to get close to the stage and shake hands and Don got a drum stick from the drummer.  How cool is that??!!  

We very rarely get to enjoy such fun things all in one day.  And this was just amazing.  So much fun! 

The guys in Third Day were so gracious to Don and to the audience in general.  Mac Powell took a girl's camera at one point and took pictures of the band on stage, and the crowd, and then one with him and her in it before giving it back.  You know she was thrilled!  And they recognized a guy in the audience that helped them play to troops overseas.  The band as a whole are all gifted musicians so that's always great to watch, AND they look like they are having fun.

It was also such a blessing to watch my S and her 3 friends all there praising the Lord, lifting their hands and just worshiping with out fear.  

Another Better Than Good day!

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SirMax said...

Hi....your blog popped up in my Yahoo alerts (it would be the Mac Powell reference). Sounds like you had a great time! I LOVE the Third Day guys. I've been blessed to meet them several times and love to hear how gracious they are to everyone. Have you ever visited their message boards? Come on over We have a good time there. I'm SirMax (real name is Wendy). Have a great day!