Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tape and paper

ok I needed to share some more levity.  

Our N has an amazing little imagination.  

For Christmas when asked what he wanted, his response was "Tape and Paper".

We have NO CLUE where this came from.  But it's what he got.  Of course there were other things, but you know what that was his favorite thing.  

He tapes every thing!!! During S's volleyball games I had a roll of masking tape and a piece of paper and he would entertain himself for the better part of the time by my ripping pieces of tape off, handing them to him and him making a pattern on the paper.  I was instructed as to the proper length and it was placed accordingly.   

I have some amazing tape and paper art.

Some of the other tape he got was just regular clear tape. Last night I was given a tape facial.  Here is N's handy work.

Tape is a great pore cleanser!

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BlessedMamato5 said...

Ok, these pics are just TOO hilarious! I love it! I myself have never had a tape facial, but sounds like it could be a good thing! Fun memories you are making with little N!