Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunny days

WE have had amazing weather here the last couple of days.  Already workin' on my tan. ;o)

Yesterday I cleaned inside while D pressure washed our deck.  Not much fun sounding, but I have this spring cleaning bug so it's feeling good to get it all done.  Since S is out of town I tackled parts of her room.  Took out 2 large bags of trash and lots of clothes for Good Will.  Pretty productive.

Then D, N and I went to the Strawberry Festival.  A local festival that is held annually on Memorial Day weekend.  thousands of people converge on about 3 miles of road that is closed off and they have food, rides, of course strawberries and 4-H competitions.  N had a great time petting the animals but his favorite thing was the rides.  That kid has no fear.  If he could have gone on the "big boy" rides, he would have been on them.  He and daddy went on the ferris wheel.  I don't "do" ferris wheels... too tall!  N would wave at me and grin the whole way around.  He would just belly laugh on the other rides.  He's such a joy... we would just laugh right long with him.  

Today D, water-proofed the newly cleaned deck while I tackled other cleaning jobs inside.  Then it was off to the pool at a friend's house.  We have wonderful friends that we don't typically get to see unless it's summer time and we all converge on their house.  It was such a great time of fellowship and food and fun.  I look forward to seeing them all frequently this summer. 

It's just been one of those weekends that you know life is good, you are blessed and God is smiling.  I have been thinking alot about Little E.  I can't wait until he is here.  I wonder what he would have thought about the cows... or the pigs and their wet noses.  Or he is also a dare devil like N.  Will he see a pool and immediately throw caution to the wind and dive in?  Or will he hang back and have daddy coax him in?  Will he love carnival rides or sit on the side with mommy and wave and laugh.  Will my boys be the best of friends or will they not?  I can't wait to see!!!  Today N told our friends that he has 2 brothers.  That E is still in "oopia" and that we have to go get him.  

I can't wait until we can go get him!!

Have a blessed Memorial Day.  May we all take a moment to stop and honor those who sacrifice all to insure our freedom.  God Bless you!

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