Saturday, May 3, 2008

So sad...

Just found out this morning that a sweet 7 yr old girl passed away at AHOPE due to complications from measles.
I didn't know this precious soul, never met her, not even sure I have ever seen her face, in pictures... but some how that doesn't matter.  She died not having the love of a family to call her own.  
I know millions of children die a day, and especially in Africa, but some how this seems personal. 
Someone who has met her spoke about her, and told of her love of singing.  She didn't have a momma to sing with, a daddy to tell her she sang like a bird.

I think about my children and the blessing that they are and just think that some how we have to find a way to make this better.  Maybe not for her... but for those children that are still waiting. 

The love of the Father is always with them.  My prayer is that this amazing soul is now at the foot of the throne, singing praises in heaven.

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