Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not good news

Ok so instead of getting better he is getting worse.

I just have been at such a loss today about what to do.  How to pray. 
This is my son, what am I doing here?  Shouldn't I be there?  Shouldn't I be at his side praying and holding his hand?  Wiping his brow, kissing his cheeks whispering in his ears that mommy is here and that she loves him?

Instead here I sit at home, at my computer, thousands of miles away.

This sweet little boy that we have never met, but has become our son.  Such a surreal feeling. How do you mourn the hurting of a child you don't know... in the physical sense?

We have had such an outpouring of love and prayer from our friends and family that I feel truly blessed.  I know God has His hands all over Little E, and loves him in a special way.  I also know He loves us and feels our pain.  So I pray that whatever His will... that we will be at peace with it.  That we will know that He is sovereign.  Now my real prayer is that we see the amazing awesome and glorious power of answered prayer in a full recovery.  And see him home here with us playing with N, arguing with Z and defending S.  

Oh my little boy, mommy loves you, daddy, S and Z love you.  We are praying for you, we want you to come home.  

We won't know more before tomorrow so for now, we entrust him to God's hands for care. And ask for strength at what lies ahead.


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Lindsay and Cindy said...

We will keep your little E in our thoughts. I hope that he starts feeling better very soon.