Saturday, May 10, 2008

What a week!

I will say it again!  It has been a better than good week! 

Monday N was finalized, Wednesday we mailed our referral acceptance for Little E and Friday we found out that our Dossier went to Addis!  YAY!

And this is Mother's Day weekend... how does it get better... except for having E home with us.

I am also beginning the preparations for Z's graduation party.  My Z is graduating from High School!  Can you believe it?  Ok, can I believe it?!  Nope.   I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the fact that he turned 18 in Dec, and now he's graduating.  He's graduating with honors with an advanced degree!  He didn't get his brain from me! ;o)

A friend asked me the other day "Can you believe your life?!"  And I had to pause for a minute and think... nope can't believe it but because it's so much more than I ever thought or dreamed, not because it's bad.

God is good!