Friday, January 28, 2011

What a Week!

It's been a crazy week...I posted on my FB page that I was excited that I felt like I was getting a handle on things and then whammy we were hit with sick

See what happens when you say those things out loud? I think I will stop doing that.

Both little boys have strep and E man has a viral lung infection. My big Z has the flu and S has a sinus infection. I swear I have been spraying the house down with Lysol every other

Eman has a nebulizer now because his cough and lungs were so bad. I was afraid we would be sending him to the ER on Wednesday night. But thank you God we avoided that and the Dr's office the next morning was able to get things under control. Thank goodness for an amazing husband who was able to stay home and take him in to see them. We have been tag teaming it this week.

I kind of had a giggle when we were sitting with E watching him breathe through his new appendage...not because he was on the machine...but because I could totally see Satan working on us. We mailed our application in to get our HS done and then we are struck with a week's worth of no sleep and Dr appts and new medications and work stress.

He wants us to doubt this process. How can we add more children to this? How would we handle one or 2 more? Are we crazy?

YEP! Call me crazy if you want to ... I am not scared. This is temporary. This isn't the norm.

We have handled worse and have gotten through, stronger and more prepared for the next round.

This morning we received an email that confirmed in an extraordinary way that HE is in control... HE is providing for this adoption... HE is in charge. OH Man is HE in charge!!! Thank you LORD for your many blessings. Thank you LORD for your provision. Thank you LORD that you are in charge and with you there isn't anything we cannot do!

He is providing such beauty from ashes!

Thank you for praying with us! It's workin! :)


TJ said...

Feeling for you and praying for speedy recovery; also hoping the rest of our family does not succumb. My Neb was up half the night with temps in the 104.8 area; off to the doc this morning and she has Influenza A virus.

When we're all well, we'll get together again!
Until then - tell Satan to hit the road!

Our journey following Christ said...

God is good!


Adeye said...

Soooooo sorry about all the nasty sickness in your home. No fun at all. Hoping everyone is feeling better, friend.