Sunday, January 16, 2011

Raffle Extension!!

I have had a couple of people email and ask if I could extend the raffle for a couple of days.

I hope those of you that contributed don't mind, but I have decided to do so. :) I still have everyone's entries, including the ones that were blogged and FB'd about. :) I also hope you understand that the end result is a HS and a child home :) The Chip-In doesn't let you just extend so I had to build a new one, but I have changed the amount to reflect what we still need.

I have had one other question that I thought I would address. Why am I not posting this on FB myself? Cause we still haven't informed the parents...LOL (Nope they don't read the blog, and most of my blog friends are not friends with my dad and brother... who are on I know it's all a bit confusing)

I know weird I am 40 yrs old and still trying to avoid the conflict. My prayer is that we can get this started, welcome our referral and have a beautiful precious face to share that will spur their love, not opposition.:)

Also we are still working on the mission trip in June with our locals... I know seems crazy but we serve a HUGE God! And this is what He's called us to do. We can't say no. Can you? :)

Here is the link to the last day raffle info.... It has all the items we are raffling. There is still time to post it to your blogs and such...we are still believing God for provision!!

So Tuesday the 18th is the day!! :)

Pray with us?!

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