Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raffle Winners

Gosh who knew how hard a raffle would be?! I mean I want everyone to win... and I guess in a way we all win because the end result is a child/children coming to a new home. :) But you know what I

I prayed over the names before we drew them, and then S did the honors.
So here it goes:

Item #1 the T-Shirt goes to: Adeye

Item # 2 the Coffee with a friend: Tiffany

Item # 3 The Coffee maker is: Tammy

Item # 4 the Sheet set is: Audrey


I can't thank you ALL enough for supporting us and making this first step happen. YIPPEE Home Study here we come!

I will be emailing you all to get your mailing address. :)

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