Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mailed It!

So...after some issues with Pay Pal, and some set backs with timing it's another Tuesday and the application to get our Home Study completed is down and away!! It's my dad's birthday too!! (lol should I ruin it and tell him I mailed it? TOTALLY KIDDING!!!!!)

Gone, out of my hands and in theirs and God's! YIPPEE!!!!

We don't know what we will do about moving forward once it's done, because of the deadline for renewal we have been working quickly. But since we are still planning the mission trip in June we are praying for His timing.

Everything in my wants to jump in with both feet...perhaps we will be able to work our meeting trip into our mission trip? Or maybe even our pick up trip? Or maybe we will wait and see if God has our children planned to meet us while in ET and then move forward?

I just don't know. I have been learning to just follow each step. He's just been giving us light for the step that we are on, and has been trying to tell me that I need to just trust Him with the details.

Yet another exercise in faith and trust. ooohhhh I cannot wait to hold my babies in my arms though! I want to know who they are... I want to know what their names are... to start praying for them specifically.

Last night I was awake from 2 am until 4 am... partly because I had a sick E man... but partly because I think God had someone He wanted me to pray for...so I took that time to pray for any body and every body I could think of... so if I know you... you can rest assured that you were prayed over last night. :) I, of course, prayed for our kids...all of them.

Thank you for being on this journey with us...thank you for praying with us... thank you for supporting us and loving us. This is gonna be a long ride... time to sit back, put your tray tables up, bags under the seat in front of you and get ready for a journey. :) Let's go!


Barry and Amy said...

So excited for you guys!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

SO HAPPY AND EXCITED & PRAYING for you too!!!!! :)

Our journey following Christ said...

Isn't it great to have that out of your hands???? Yea!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see where God brings you on your latest journey.


Thanks for the prayers last night:)

Andrea Hill said...

Yippie. God will work out the timing and children just perfectly for your precious family.

Dena said...

I sent our application in the day after you apparently! I'm so excited for the whole process and also excited for you as well! So do you have an age that you are requesting? I hope we can meet up in VA this summer!