Sunday, January 16, 2011

Move Mountain Move!!!

Yesterday I told my friend Cindy that I had the faith of a mustard seed.....

61% of our funds were raised as of yesterday... I was torn between the enormous blessing that came to us through friends and people we don't even know... and thinking about the mountain that still stands before us financially.

This morning God sent a story teller to our church to share her story. You guessed it was about a mustard seed. And how her faith moved a mountain... moved the Alps to be exact.

She was a little girl, she was visiting a church in the mountains of VA. The pastor preached on the faith of a mustard seed moving mountains. She believed him. She went home and literally tried to move a mountain. It didn't work in the physical. But later that night, at a church dinner the pastor spoke about a need in the church. People offered ideas to raise money. This little girl raised her hand and she asked why didn't they pray that their faith would be like that mustard seed and move the mountain. The pastor brushed her off but a woman in the congregation who was visiting and had more money than God heard her... heard God and provided every penny they needed...

Her name was Mrs Alps.

I will confess to beginning this raffle with the faith of a mustard seed...yet smaller... I believe God CAN do anything. I believe He CAN provide what we need. I was afraid that if this wasn't 'successful' that I was wrong.

This morning what I found was that my faith was smaller than the mustard seed.... today it's bigger!

I believe that He wants us to adopt again. I believe that He has a child ready for us. I believe that He also wants us to go back to Ethiopia for this mission trip. I now in the natural that we have no money... I know in the Supernatural that HE will make it happen.

We did extend the raffle until Tuesday because I believe that He will provide what we need to make this happen. I believe that He will provide the reader to come to this blog to read our story, to feel as though they need to give...even if it's 25 readers at 5.00 per shot... I believe we have already been BLESSED BEYOND measure by those that have participated by posting, giving and praying...THAT is PRICELESS!

So today I ask you to pray with me that this mountain move... place your hands on it... call out to it... tell it to MOVE. :)

All glory to God!

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