Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last Day of the Raffle!! Still Time!

Here's a recap just in case you want to see all the cool things you could win!

So here is the deal...Use the Chip-in button to the Right.
$5 = 1 entry
$10 = 2 entries
$15 = 3 entries
$20 = 5 entries

$50 + = 15 entries and a hug from me if we ever meet!!!

Post it to your blog = 1 entry
Post it to your FB = 1 entry
Tweet about it = 1 entry
If you post it elsewhere please leave a comment with a link to your post.

Item #1: Drawn from Water T-Shirt Size Medium color blue. Drawn from water is an amazing organization that saves children in Ethiopia, and is working on making a difference in the lives of tribal people in Southern Ethiopia.

Item # 2: Coffee with a friend. Saints Coffee St George the Dragon Slayer Bend and the SonShineGallery (Name of the business my mom and I do) Pedestal plate. It's an Up-Cycled plate and pedestal, no 2 are the same plus 2 super cute red coffee mugs to share with a friend.

Item # 3: 2 Hand Knit Scarves. Super cute and cuddly soft, mad with a little girl in mind, they are a little shorter, but could still be used by an adult. The one on the left is pink and purple, the other is a soft peachy color.

Item #4: Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker Brews a cup of coffee in less than a second, dishwasher safe parts (my personal favorite part) Brand New never been opened.

Item # 5: Egyptian Cotton Sheets These were offered by a family that used these sheets to fund their own adoption. They are 1200 count sheets! I may have to play my own raffle to get myself a set! :)

We are so very close, only 40% to go.

Want to know why we are doing this? Read it here... the readers digest version is that we are ready to adopt again, we want to add another precious child or 2 to our home. We found out that if we renew our home study by the end of February it's an actual renewal instead of having to do the whole thing again.... This saves 50% on the fees. We feel this is being a good steward of our money, and that of those that are called to help us on this journey. We still need more to get it started, but we are not asking you to fund the whole thing... we are putting forth our own money to bring our child home too! :)

We felt a raffle would be a fun way to do that. You get to play, get some cute stuff, and help one more child find their home.

If you are not able to share monetarily, don't forget that you still get chances if you post this to your blog, FB or tweet about it.

Please help us help a child!

Thank you again to those of you that have posted, donated and played... I wish you could all win!! I have decided when we are all done I will be renting an RV and coming to hug each of you that have donated. :)

Please pray with us that God provides ... we are trusting Him! :)


Tammy said...

So very excited for you and your family!

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

I am so so sorry I missed this!!! I didn't know you were doing a raffle, I could have featured you on help a family friday!! If you do another fundraiser I'd love to do a post on you if you're comfortable with that?

BTW your blog hasn't been showing up properly in my reader, it's been the case for a few blogspot blogs, I think I'll delete you & add you again and hopefully that sorts it all out!!

I must email you tomorrow!!