Friday, January 14, 2011

One more Raffle Day to Go! Don't miss it!

One more day left! We are at 60%!!! Can you hear me whooping and hollering from there?!

Oh Praise the Lord!

This morning my E-man reminded yet again why we are doing this, why we are putting ourselves out there and asking for money and being humbled. It’s HARD to put it out there that we need help. It’s HARD to put it out there that we aren’t rolling in money. It’s HARD to humble yourself and ask people that you do not know, to help you.

This morning while we were getting ready for our day E looked at the pic of the sweet baby whose picture I cannot take down. The tiny little face that went to be with Jesus at before she got to see her first birthday.

E said: Momma when we get our sister, can we have her?

Me: choking back tears: No baby, she is in heaven with Jesus.

E: In heaven already?!

Me: Yes.

E: Why?

Me: Because she was sick and her body wasn’t able to fight the illness, and she went home to be with Jesus.

E: That sad!

Our family wants to make a difference in one more life….perhaps 2. :) We want one less to go to bed wondering if anyone loves them. One more to LIVE!

This home study isn’t the end. We will of course need more money to complete the adoption, but we will have time for that. Right now we need to get our Home Study re-done so that we can begin that journey.

I know God has blessed it. I see it in the way He’s providing. I see it in the people supporting us in prayer and reposting and giving. We are blessed beyond measure…we are better than good!

Thank you for helping! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for giving up a lunch at McD’s to help us!!! You are a blessing. You are making a difference!

Only 40% more to go!!!


Julie said...

Love this! I will be praying for God's provisions for your family. His Way..He pay's:)

Adeye said...

Yipeeeee....God is so amazing, friend.