Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did You Feel That Mountain Move??!!



If you could have seen me dancing and shaking and whooping and hollering ... you would have thought I was completely crazy!

We did it ya'll! We... ALL of us! God showed up and showed off!!!

I am not sure what I will ever do if I ever win the lottery...perhaps that's why we don't win, I might just have a stroke or heart failure cause I was SOME kind of excited to see that email come into my box saying we had reached our goal! Surpassed it!!!

He used people I know and love to lift me and show me grace and then He used to someone I don't even know to send that mountain moving... God used each and every one of you to shove that mountain right on out of the way! YAY Team!! :) Now you have to go check out Just Love Them and see what they are doing! :)

Thank you for posting! Thank you for contributing! Thank you for praying! Thank you for being the body of Christ!

Ok, now I just have to get all the entries together to tell you who the winners are! :) I will get that out to you soon, I promise! :)


Barry and Amy said...

That is awesome!!! So happy for you guys!

Leslie said...


Our journey following Christ said...

YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! How wonderful to see your news this morning:)

What a victory!!!


Tammy said...

How fun to watch this mountain move for you! He is always faithful!

Julie said...

Fabulous! Praising along with you!!!

Deb said...