Monday, January 10, 2011

Rea's Random Raffle

So here it is! Rea's Random Raffle.. to help us fund our adoption...starting with our Home Study. :)

Why Rea's Random Raffle...and who the heck is Rea?

Rea is my childhood nickname, the stuff I have to offer isn't as cool as an iPad, it's awesome!...but Random...and it's well a Raffle. :)

So here is the deal...Use the Chip-in button to the Right.
$5 = 1 entry
$10 = 2 entries
$15 = 3 entries
$20 = 5 entries

$50 + = 15 entries and a hug from me if we ever meet!!!

Post it to your blog = 1 entry
Post it to your FB = 1 entry
Tweet about it = 1 entry
If you post it elsewhere please leave a comment with a link to your post.

Because there are 3 different opportunities please make sure you share which item you are bidding on, in the comment section of the Chip-In.

The bidding is over on Friday 1/15/11 at 5pm.

Item #1 is a FANTABULOUS Drawn From Water T-Shirt... It's a gorgeous blue, size medium. This is an amazing ministry that saves children from tribes that consider them a curse. Read their story here. Thank you Tammy for donating this great shirt!

Item # 2: Have Coffee with a friend! Saint's Coffee: St George the Dragonslayer Blend, 2 Super cute red coffee mugs, and a SonShineGallery (the plates mom and I make) pedestal plate (cookies not included ....unless you are especially generous)

Item # 3: A set of 2 handmade scarves. The colors are a bit off in this picture, but one is pinks and purples and the other a beautiful peach. They are made with someone's beautiful little girl in mind, although they could be great for the vertically challenged as well. They would make wonderful dress up boas :) Pretty soon I will need to replenish my stash!... :)

Thank you in advance!
I will be honest I am a little nervous... but I know He will provide! Even if we pass the 850.00 all the money is going directly to any and all your generosity is invaluable!

Please help us bring our little girl/girls home!!


TJ said...

I blogged you and FB'd a link to your blog. I pray your fundraiser is a huge success. I don't have many followers, but you never know who might be inspired.
With much hope for a solid nod from God!

Andrea said...

Thank you Terri!! Looking forward to meeting you someday soon!

Adeye said...

Hey friend, please e-mail me a short bio about your family and your adoption, and your fundraiser, and I will put it on my fundraising families page.

Trusting God for an outpouring.

Camille Lancaster said...

I found your blog through another blog today. Don't you love how God weaves all these wonderful adoption stories together through blogs!! We are adopting a beautiful little girl from China and have been selling Sheets as part of our funding efforts (we give God all the glory - it hasn't been through our own efforts!) I would love to send you a great set of 1200 thread ct. Egyptian Cotton sheets to add to your raffle if you are interested. You can visit us at to send me your address. Thanks

Unknown said...

Trying girl to buy 5 at 20 but something weird with the paypal...asks for how many to purchase but doesn't reflect the price etc....check it out and I will

Andrea said...

Looks like it's ok :) just purchase one, I will take care of knowing that you get 5 chances. :) That parts on my end. :)


Tarah said...

Hey Andrea,
Have you asked your adoption agency to set up an account for you to have payment go straight there? For future fundraising for this kiddo, see if they will.
THEN, it is a tax deduction for the contributor and you might get bigger amounts. We do this and do dinners and everything else. Check it out. :)
you got very close!
Hopefully by the time you do your next fundraiser we will have TT's medical bills paid off and will be able to help. :)