Wednesday, June 30, 2010

West Virginia Here We Come

We are on the road to West Virginia.

It's our every other year family reunion. I am pretty excited about this one, all of my mom's 5 siblings are going to be there with family.

It's the first time many of them will have met the boys.

Of course it will come with the regular funny family quirks...we all have an aunt so and so or an uncle crazy. :o)

We are all looking forward to some down time, and family time.

Have a wonderful 4th ya'll!

Can't wait to tell you about all the really cool stuff we discussed at the mission meeting last night. God's doing some really awesome stuff, but Satan is also rearing his ugly head as well. So please pray... I see this as an indication that this is gonna be one heck of a trip!!!

More soon...


Andrea Hill said...

Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see all the pics. Kevin is flying to his Family Reunion in Pittsburgh this year.

Adeye said...

Have the BEST time, friend. Post heaps of pics soon.

Leah said...

Have a great time at the reunion! :)