Saturday, June 26, 2010

E-Man turns 5 Yrs old!!!

I cannot believe he is 5 yrs old already. Look how grown he looks!!! Happy birthday sweet baby boy. I love you!
Getting his Henderson Choir phone call. He loved this!!! He kept asking if Solomon was coming to his party. Man would that have been awesome! :o)
Got my baby fix... sweet little L. Isn't she the cutest little chunk!!
Slip n Slide fun
Daddy showing them how it's done.

Water hopscotch
My brother and his wife on the back deck.
more baby...only this time my m-i-l stole her

My God daughter...isn't she beautiful?!
E and M(my niece)

Strawberry Shortcake was the request. Like our fancy table cloths? :o) We are nothing if not classy

Daddy had to kill it.... he's really kinda cute for an old guy huh?
yay candy!
Can you believe how grown he looks in this picture?
It was a good day. Lots of fun and good friends. Even if the U.S. did lose... going to have to route for Ghana now. :o)


Andrea Hill said...

Happy Birthday E!!! Keep the pictures coming. Love them all. Dang that's a fat baby. I want to bite his rolls. Yes your God Daughter is absolutely beautiful. What is she mixed with? Love you new hair color. Your hubby is just like mine, another kid.

Unknown said...

Happy, Happy Birthday E!!!! Sounds like a great party!!
Great pictures, thank you for sharing!!

Adeye said...

Happy birthday to your angel! Looks like FUN times :)