Monday, June 7, 2010

Burning Bushes...

So the standing 'joke' with my hubby and I has been we need a burning bush to help us decide that it's God that's speaking to us.

When we were praying about adopting N, the bush was in the form of a couple from our church that shared during service that they were adopting a child.

When we were praying about adopting E it was several different bushes, a book, a verse, and for D it was a radio show he was listening to when he was driving.

Some times the bushes are small shrubs some times they are infernos.

Over the last year or so I have been praying for D to see his bush so that we could move forward in another adoption...several times I could not figure out why the vision I was seeing wasn't an inferno for him. But as is the way of the Lord, my plan has not apparently been least not in the way that I thought.

I believe now that I have been able to look at this in a more objective way, that my feeling that God wanted me to care for more children wasn't wrong...I just perceived it as another adoption. And my mother's longing heart prayed for her arms to be filled.

Perhaps what God truly wants from me is to care for more than just the child...

I was reading a book this morning while I was on the treadmill. Gosh it's amazing how far you can walk when you are reading...good thing there are no

Anyway, the book I was reading was When God Whispers Your Name, by Max Lucado. I have read it before, but this morning I felt led to pick it back up again. The first chapter is about Moses and the burning bush. A couple of weeks ago I would have run to D and say ...LOOK!... it's the bush! Do you see it burning?! This time I looked at it objectively. This time I took the time to read the whole chapter, savor it and pray about what God may be saying to me specifically.

Are you searching for answers? Are you looking for that bush? Praying with you.

I have a ton of pics to share with you from this past week...more coming soon.


LisaShaw said...

WOW the first thing I have to know is how can you read on the treadmill? (smile) I would trip or fall off. I listen to music but that's about it or I pray or think or both.

Secondly, thanks for sharing this message. I think I have that book on my shelf.

I loved it when you said: "Some times the bushes are small shrubs some times they are infernos."

Praying for you and D as you hear GOD. Love you!

Adeye said...

Beautiful post, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing your heart so opening and so beautifully.

Can't wait to meet in person one day.

Andrea Hill said...

Oh Andrea, I do admire your patience and faith to wait on your husband. So many of us adopt and adopt and not just speaking for myself but many people say my husband was ready and than he really wasn't. He was just trying to please the wife. Any even more so many wives are in denial are about that. That is the simply truth. People just won't say it. When your time finally comes where the burning bush speaks to your D it will be all so very sweet and real and you never have to have any guilt of having him pushed into it. Love your honesty always!