Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ethiopia Here We Come Again!

Yee haw! Woo Hoo and Happy dance!

We are going back to Ethiopia...with the church's blessing!

There was some interesting push back happening over the last week or I was worried that we would have to make this trip happen without the support of the church. But I braved torrential rains last night (not kidding I was SOAKED) to get to the church to give my proposal to the Commission on Missions board. It was accepted and we can move forward now.

So excited!

So much to little time. We are going in March so it will be a fast turn around. I am working with our district to try to get a United Methodist presence in Ethiopia. There is none. Crazy to me... but they haven't had any real contacts there. I am working with them to see if we can be the contact with the people that we know there. Perhaps we can get some projects funded and make this an ongoing program. Really excited to see where it all goes.

Also working on the finishing touches of a new project my mother and I are starting to help fund our trip. It's really cute. Can't wait to show you when it's all put together. We are going to work on getting an Etsy store done. We will also be choosing a charity a month to donate 10% of our earnings to... so it will be a win win situation.

Any suggestions on what the first charity should be? :o)

We will be opening by the beginning of July so will need someone to support that first month.

So LOT's happening here. Hope you all are well. Thanks for hanging in there...those of you that still come back.

More soon.... ;o)


Holli said...

SO EXCITING!!! SO JEALOUS!! In a good way!:) Praying for your trip!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


Andrea Hill said...

okay girl, I reading the heading and thought you FINALLY adopting again. I am thrilled for you:)

Our journey following Christ said...

So glad your week has turned around for the best! It's so encouraging that your mission board has given their blessing to your trip to Ethiopia.

It's so frustrating not to have the support of your church when you are trying to do a trip like this:(

Wow, March will come quickly! Excited for you, and as Holli said, "A LITTLE jealous, in a good way!"


Adeye said...

Oh wow,friend, that is soooooooo exciting. God obviously moved a few mountains on your behalf. I LOVE it!

Can't wait to hear about your newest project.

Tammy said...

How awesome!! I'm so excited for you!!