Monday, June 14, 2010

Most Amazing Weekend!

This past weekend was such a great weekend! I will have to share some pictures later...but just had to share the joy I feel in the blessings God has shared.

Friday I took S deep sea fishing! Yep just us gals. The best part was that it was free!! I was on FB, saw a post from a local radio station that I am 'friends' with about a contest they were running, I replied...and WON! Seriously I never win There are things I have really wanted to win in the past... this wasn't high on my list, although it sounded fun. :o) And it was. It was a glorious day, kind of cool out on the water, but sunny and clear. We didn't catch 1 darn fish, but had fun trying. A funny side benefit was that we got to watch the first World Cup game on the boats satellite tv. :o)

We also won 2 of the raffles they were having that afternoon. It was a fun girls day out.

Saturday honey and I celebrated our 17th anniversary by taking the boys to the beach and then taking ourselves out to dinner. Ok, we didn't really pay for it. My mom in law gave us gift certificates to a Ruth's Chris Steak House. Ever heard of it?! It's a rather ritzy place! And so so not inexpensive. What we found is that while we loved the food...oh my goodness it was yummy... we are so not glamorous, ritzy restaurant :o)

It was a lovely dinner though. And we were home in time to tuck the boys into bed.

Then Sunday we went to Busch Garden's for their Glory in the Garden's series. They do weekly christian concerts. We were able to be there to help our local KLove station again. JD Chandler and Mike Novak from KLove were there. Nice guys! Building 429 and Steven Curtis Chapman were playing. It was HOT HOT HOT and muggy as all get out. We had a blast though. So much fun getting to talk to all the people that come out and talk to us.

We got to meet a couple whose church is on the mission field in South America and they have been many times themselves. It was great to speak with them and share passion about mission work.

THEN the total whipped cream icing on the cake!!! We were allowed to go back stage and meet Steven Curtis Chapman. I just cried! The concert he played in November here in Norfolk in 2004 changed our lives forever. As I stood there in line thinking of all the ways that his words and then God's movement changed our lives I couldn't even believe it.

We were the last one’s to get back. No worries though it gave me time to think of what I wanted to say …then we got in the room. And I lost all thought. Such a dork! He takes the time to speak to each person separately, such an amazing gracious man. I walked in and just said “ Am I allowed to hug you?” He smiled and said “Sure!” And he gives amazing hugs. I am not really sure what I said after that other than thank you…like 100 times. D showed him pics of the boys. We hugged him again. Got our pic taken with him and were escorted out.

I walked out the door and just jumped up and down like some weirdo…lol The chick standing outside to show where to go just laughed at me.

I had just felt so very blessed all weekend and then to be able to hug SCC’s neck and thank him for changing our lives in ways I don’t even know yet, capped it all off.

There are just moments some times that I cannot believe the gifts that God gives me. I sure don’t deserve any of what He chooses to grace me with!!!


Unknown said...

So glad you had a great weekend!

Happy Belated Anniversary. I'm with you on not being "ritzy restaurant" people. I'm almost to the point where it's uncomfortable to even be there...haha! But glad you got to experience Ruth's Chris! Yum!

SCC is such an inspiration...what a Godly example to so many!

Our journey following Christ said...

What a great moment for both of you...for you to get to share your thankfulness and for him to get to hear how he played a part in 2 of your greatest blessings.
It must warm his heart to hear people share this with him!

"There are just moments some times that I cannot believe the gifts that God gives me." I love your grateful heart!

We are so blessed, aren't we??