Friday, June 18, 2010

Our God is Amazing!

Do you ever just sit back and think... "Man... God is truly amazing!"

I have had one of those weeks. Started last week and has just been continuing. I will admit to falling into a few pits...but God was right there pulling me out by my toes. :o)

Life isn't perfect. And it's about to get crazier again as we start ramping up the mission team preparations. But God has gone out of His way this week to show me His glory...despite some grumbling and unbelief on a few of those days.

He's placed people in my life that have blessed me beyond belief. He's shown me His grace. He's shown without a doubt that He provides.

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." Eph 3:20

I was on the treadmill last night (not reading this time :o)) and I just had to give a shout of joy at the amazing ways He provides.

We have been struggling financially for a couple of months. We have been getting by, and God has been providing as we need it. We have also been cutting back a ton. Last night we received a call that a family member is going to share some help monetarily. What a huge gift! It's not a fortune, but it's enough to get us up out of the hole and into a place of less stress. When I text my friend to tell her of my joy she said "It's a burning bush!" I SO love her for that!!! :o) But I will in all honesty say that God has shown me that His plan right now isn't an adoption... I am totally at peace with not moving forward right now. I prayed that if it was not His will, that He would give me a peace. He has honored that. Thank you God!

That peace has given me room to be able to pursue other avenues of blessing. In helping others see the world, to see a piece of Ethiopia and the life of an Orphan in other ways. I am not stressed that we don't have money to pay bills...which means no money for adoption...which means no money for anything else...oh the stress.

I know God will provide for the plan He has in mind. :o) And right now I am ok with it being life in general with a mission trip thrown in. :o)

Are you feeling stressed or blessed today? Praying you will feel His hands on your life and know that He loves you with all His heart.

May I close in asking for prayer for a group of kids in Ethiopia now...Music For Korah is their ministry. Lift them up as they serve the children and people in the Leper Colony in Addis.

Also please pray for Shea. He's a young man in who went to Ethiopia with the intent to stay for 6 months serving the boys at the Mercy Development center in ET. The embassy is giving him a hard time about his Visa. Apparently there's been alot of that going on recently. Please pray that he get an extension and can stay and work with these kids.

Blessings to each of you today....


Leah said...

I think the most wonderful Gift god can give us (besides eternal life and all) is the gift of peace. Peace in the way things turn out, peace in the decisions God has made for our life, and peace in our circumstances. That feeling of peace and understanding is so important.

Abbey said...

Your blog makes me happy!

Tiffany said...

Just catching up, friend. Love it all...LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!