Friday, June 26, 2009

To the Beach for E's Birthday!!!!

He's Birthday was Thursday. He is a big 4 yrs old!!!
He doesn't totally grasp the concept of what a birthday is yet. Daddy called him from work to sing Happy Birthday and when he heard daddy say Happy Birthday he wished daddy one
We kept things small scale for just that reason though. We hung out in the morning. Then went to the beach for play time. He was a bit worried about the water at first, but then got over the fear. He wanted to be just like N, who has NO fear.
We had his favorite Pasta for dinner. And he chose Strawberry Ice Cream for dessert. We will have a family party for him on Saturday.

Look how grown he is!!!
E listening to a card my parents recorded for him.... it was too cute!
Being silly! Eating his birthday ice cream. He didn't want cake.
E listening to Erin and her family sing the Happy Birthday song. He kept looking at the door saying "Coming? Coming?" I was sad to say nope they weren't coming.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday E!! It looks like you had a fabulous day!

Our journey following Christ said...

Happy Birthday, E! You look so big and healthy!!

Andrea, your family is so beautiful! Thank for posting the pics.

Enjoy your fun family party today, E!


Anonymous said...

My Will has the same swim trunks as your boys! Only in navy! They have similar tastes:) Happy bday to your little one. Will also has a June birthday, on the 22nd and we also kept it low key!
Love the pics. Susan

SupermomE13 said...

I love the pics! You look really good in the pic with Zack. Love it! :) I love the one of him listening to his card too. He is too dang cute.

And I so, so wish we were coming coming for Ermi!! We love you guys!!!!