Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He's officially ours.....again!!!

I have in my hot little hand the official RE-adoption papers for E.

In international adoption if a child comes home on a certain Visa you have to do what's called a re-adoption here in the states to make it official. So that's what we did. There are a few more steps such as getting his new birth certificate, that's not really a birth certificate because it doesn't change where he was born, it's just U.S. issued, and getting a certificate of citizenship.

It's really pretty anti-climatic as he's been ours since the day he was placed in our arms. The lawyer was all excited when she called to tell us that she had the papers in her hand (here in VA you don't get a court date it's all done without having to visit). I think she was disappointed that I wasn't as excited as she was. It's not that I am not excited but this was just a formality. It's not like there was any chance that it wouldn't go through. We have jumped through all of those

The really good thing though is that they changed E's DOB back to what it was supposed to be. So he will be turning 4 yrs old next week. YAY!!! That's a HUGE praise!

Now I get to go to all the Dr's, to the hospital, the insurance company, and social security to get his DOB changed. Joy!..not

The paper work seems to never end. ;o)


Unknown said...

Congratulations! It is exciting to be one step closer to the end of paperwork!

LisaShaw said...


Congratulations to E and to the entire family and I'll not be online next week so HAPPY BIRTHDAY E!!! GOD BLESS YOU YOU ADORABLE ONE!!!

Love you Andrea.

Our journey following Christ said...

"The paperwork seems to never end."

So true!! It took me 2 years to get Mihiretu's green card corrected (wrong birth year, long story). Now have to get him a Social Security card, have Misganaw's changed since he's now got his birth certificate and get both of their COC's! All this just to start all over again!!!

I know you agree that the reward is so worth every miserable pen stroke, copy and notarization, isn't it? Man, you are so close now!!!



Andrea said...

oh SO worth it Laura! ;o)

Andrea Hill said...

Ha, that's all ahead of me in just another month. But its so worth it! Congratulations, you baby is an American Citizen now.

Leslie said...

Congratulations! It feels great to have that done, for them to be citizens! I also had G's birthday changed back to the correct one when she was re-adopted, and that felt great too. Congratulations!!