Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mission Teams... a work in progress

I just first want to say that I LOVE what God does with me. Truly I enjoy His stretching and bending and growing...and many times pruning.

That said, while these things are happening I don't always remember that the result is a a smarter more Christ centered me.

I have never formed a mission team, nor have I have been on the back end running the fundraising and promotion so I am in one serious learning curve. ;o) Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!

Things are moving. Things are happpening, people are excited about coming and our contact with YWAM is still excited about working with us. ;o)

I didn't realize the detail that would go into making all other parts happen. I mean I wasn't thinking I would say "Hey let's go on a trip!" and have everyone else work it... but my delegating isn't working out so well. My co leader is a guy... a great guy...and I am in no way man bashing, but I was talking to my hubby earlier and said "He's not doing what I am telling him to do!" to which my husband replied "Typical man!" hhhhmmmmmm

We are trying to put together a Yard Sale fundraiser in August. It's coming up quickly. I have learned all kinds of new things about the workings of my church today just trying to get the announcement in the bulletin for this Sunday. Things I needed to know, however who knew it would take an act of congress to get a Yard Sale planned?!

I know God is behind our efforts and all will come to fruition in His plan. He has already taught me that if I don't immediately go into stressed out fix it mode that things get fixed by themselves. I still go into fix it mode...but not with the added stress factor. If I can get it fixed and not just fume about it to myself..then Praise God. And if it's not to happen the way I had planned... well then...something else will work out better.

If you think about it, will you pray for my continued openness to Christ's leading? For the doors that are to be Those that are to be closed..close. And most importantly the grace to let all the stress roll off my back.


Bergmama said...

I'll be keeping you in my prayers...

Andrea Hill said...

Yes I am praying here. I know isn't that something when you get into all the details of planning the trip? Its crazy,huh. But this will be so nice and watch the time will be here before you know it. I am so excited for you, like you really have no idea.

Tarah said...

What a huge project. Remember to delegate lots, and to pray before reacting. :)
I have done lots of big projects, and if it is for Christ's glory, then it will be blessed.
Blessings on this!!!

Tiffany said...

We are jars of clay! Praying as always...