Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going on a trip and random updates...

We are heading out in the morning to visit my most handsome, just had a birthday, grandfater and his bride of 67 years. My grandmother's birthday is on the 23rd so we are going to visit them this weekend and celebrate. I can't wait!

The boys haven't been up to their house yet. It's huge and the land around it is huge as well. There's a creek and quiet and good food and love... oh I am looking forward to sharing that with my boys! I have such wonderful memories of exploring the house and the yard finding all kinds of fun things to keep me busy. My grandfather is a master gardener so we will be eating fresh produce all weekend. yum!

Z and his friends will be manning the house while we are gone. Now if he were a different child I would have been worried when he asked me what the rules were for having people over. I told him 'Don't trash the house, don't do anything illegal, don't eat ALL the food, and if it breaks you are responsible'. To which he replied "Concerning illegal, are we talking by American or British standards?" I told him he was a smart boy he could figure it I know he will be fine, and I am sure they will have fun playing house.

S had her first driving lesson last night! Daddy took her up to the local elementary school to drive around. They only came precariously close to an object onceand both she and daddy were smiling when they got out of the car. She was asking to go back out an hour later. oh.... having a driving teen .... pray for us. ;o)

The boys have been having a tough week or so. N has been having some pretty big tantrums again and E has started being defiant. I am hoping it's a stage. They are both getting pretty mouthy as well. We are working on respect although neither seem to care so much.

The economy has forced our hand and we will no longer have our Manny. Since S will be home we are going to have her watch the boys during the day. Not something she's thrilled about but we are going to work out a schedule and try to get friends to come over and play or take the boys out for fun. I think they also need to have others to play with other than themselves. They tend to drive each other crazy. ;o)

If any of you have ideas for daily schedules I would welcome the suggestions.

Both boys need structure and I think it will help them to have a schedule daily. As well as help S keep things in better order.

Have a great weekend every one.


Unknown said...

Have fun on your trip!! I am sorry about your changes in schedule. Your boys will get used to it. I will come back in a little while and let you know my summer schedule with being at home. So far, it has worked!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Have fun on your trip! Schedules around here are a necessity. Oh yeah, we have had our share of those tantrums & mouthiness! I love it when our children do it right in front of campers or staff members...makes me feel like a great mom. Oh well. We have a schedule with our youngest that includes reading, coloring, singing, playing, quiet time/nap, etc. I would write down all the activities you can do with them, and make out a weekly schedule that can include them all. Of course plans for if it rains, and some optional plans for a choice they can have. Plenty of outdoor time is the best!!!! At least we like it, and it wears them out so they aren't as crazy in the house. Let me know if you want specific ideas...praying for your children and for you.

Sarah said...

Delighted to meet you! I love your profile, full time outside and inside the home, AMEN! I completely agree about schedules, my lil' warriors really do well with schedules. Me as mommy likes spontaneous stuff, but happiness in home is the key.

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Andrea said...

Sarah Dawn, I think that's part of my struggle, I am not a schedule kind of gal. It's funny I like things orderly, but I am not so much a schedule gal. Part of my parenting learning curve.

Rhonda said...

Have a great time! Love your blog...glad I found you! I'll be back! Bless you!

Andrea Hill said...

Wow, how amazing to be with your granddad and with all the land and produce. I'll be drooling and waiting for pics to see. How old is he having been married 67 years?

I too hope its a phase with you boys. They seem to be that age now.

Have a great time.

Amy Jo said...

Ah, tantrums and defiance. Great combo, my Friend! :-# Yes, I pray it's a short-lived season. But be forewarned, you're bound to see them again in another season. But the good news is that God will give you a breather sometime in between! :-) Definitely a good time to go away on a trip! Sweet blessings, Amy