Monday, June 22, 2009

Home again home again...

Yet another blessed weekend! Truly it was wonderful, none of us...except S who wanted to see the boy.. wanted to come home.

The weekend in review.
We weren't in a real hurry to get on the road as it usually only takes about 5 hours to get there and we didn't want to run into morning traffic. It turned out to be a blessing that we left roughly the same time my parents did because we had a little van issue. We stopped about 1/2 way to potty and stretch. I took N in to the store to potty and when I came out D was not a happy man.

The van would not start.

After finding an auto parts store and figuring out what wasn't the problem we found that an ignition fuse blew. It was an easy fix and we were on the road. I was praising God that we had met with my parents and that they were able to get us to and from the auto store. Our 5 hour trip took 8 hours. The boys were great though so there is a real blessing as well.

We arrived and had a lovely dinner then just wound down from the long ride. The boys went to sleep quickly so D and I explored the 3rd floor where we were sleeping. It's really an attic but it's finished into several rooms. We were in the hall where there are many treasures. We found a bible from 1818, a medical book from 1855 and various other fun things. I think they have every National Geographic ever printed as well. We found an old Louieville Slugger and found out my great grandfather played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. There were old pictures and clothing items. It was like finding treasures. There was a mirror frame that belonged to my great-great-great grandmother. D asked my grandfather for it and plans to clean it up and make it into a picture collage.

Saturday: Dawned rainy so we had a leisurely breakfast then the boys explored the house. They played with my aunt as my grandmother watched and smiled.

The rain passed so we took the boys up to the local elementary school to play on playground and get out of the house for a bit.

The afternoon brought lunch and then sunny skies so while the older crowd took naps we took the kids into the Gettysburg battlefield. The boys weren't so much concerned with the facts of the war as they were climbing on the canons and the rocks. We went up to Big and Little Round Top and climbed all over the place. N has no fear what so ever. I think he's going to be my kid that puts on a cape and tries to fly off the I think he would have flown off the rocks if we had let him. E on the other hand, not so much. He wasn't pleased with going anywhere near the edges. That sure made mommy feel much more comfortable. It was a very windy day, I was half afraid N would blow off a rock some where.

We went back to the house tired and happy. D was then put to work with my dad and grandfather putting in some pavers for a walk way. N and E were great little helpers, although we had to tell them often that they were better helpers digging further up the path than right under foot. ;o) We gave them some measuring tapes and off they went to measure the yard. Perhaps they will follow daddy's lead and work in construction?

Dinner was next with seafood risotto. My dad's recipe. N and daddy weren't fan's. E chowed down... all of it with seconds to follow. He really has such a great taste palate. There's not much he won't eat. We had water melon for dessert and then it was time for bed. The boys were out I think as their heads hit the pillow.

D, S and I played a game called "Fact or Crap" with the rest of the family. The fun part was having my grandparents, who weren't playing, answer the questions and help the player who was up at the time. ;o) They are so cute!

Sunday: D slept in so I went to church with my mom, dad and my grandfather. I sat between my dad and grandfather, as we sang hymns I would just close my eyes and listen. God always uses music to speak to me. It's my favorite way of praising him, and standing there listening to my dad and grandfather sing to Him just made me cry each time. The sermon message was about being in the boat together with other Christians. And how we are all in this world together, how Christ never promised a life of ease but that He would always be there with us. It was a good morning.

The rest of the morning was spent playing outside with the boys. We had fun collecting things that had fallen from the trees and kicking the soccer ball around. My grandparent's home sits on more than an acre of land so there is alot of room to run. E and I went on a 'tour' of the yard with my grandfather. He's a master gardener so there are trees of all kinds, flowers, and of course his garden. E and I followed him around as he told us what every thing was. E had a bucket that he would collect things in. He picked up fallen apples, a new carrot that pap pap (what the kids call him instead of great grandpa) picked for him, a bulb of garlic, some oyster shells, a piece of fern and other various items. He wasn't so much interested in what they were called as he was in collecting them. He had fun showing off his treasures when we got back to the house. I think the best treasure was walking around with my grandfather and listening to him speak about the pride and joy he has in his work.

We had some lunch and then watched my grandmother open her birthday presents as well as the dads open their fathers day items and then on the road we went. The trip home was much less eventful.

It was such a bitter sweet trip. I am so very aware of the blessing it is to still have my grandparents alive, but it was hard to see my grandmother looking so frail and little. She was only 4' 11" at her tallest, but she's now only about 4' 5". She was tired often, but in good spirits. The boys were so good with her, and she loved to just sit and watch all the happenings. Many times I would see my grandparents sitting next to each other holding hands or squeezing the other's shoulder and just smile at each other in love and sweet private communication. It was a beautiful gift to witness.

We are hoping to get back up there a couple of more times this summer.

I will post pictures of our time together later...currently my camera and computer are not playing nice with each other.


Cindy said...

without knowing it, you said something in this post that I truly needed to hear, right at the very moment I read it.

Andrea said...

Praise God. ;o) Love you