Sunday, June 28, 2009

This and That

I tell you what, having 4 days off in a row has been wonderful! Full but wonderful.

Friday was dentist day. We all had appointments. I am not really good about getting those scheduled the way I am supposed to and since it had been a while since we had had it done, I scheduled them for the same day. E has to go to a Pediatric Dentist to get more work done. He has a pretty significant gag reflex so they couldn't do any xrays but it looks like it could be some serious work.. ugh!

I took the kids out for lunch afterwards then to get the boys new sandals. Good grief those kids grow like no one's business.

Saturday we got up early and went back to the beach. We had a blast. The boys love to dig holes as you might be able to tell from the last photos. We had a pretty big hole dug this time and it ended up being a community effort. We had a little boy from Northern Va, and one from NY and others. The dads had fun as well. We left about noon to get back to the house for E's party.

Had a bit of a mishap with the cake.

I got it all mixed and in the 13 x 9 pan, and as I was placing it into the oven my arm hit the door, I jumped and proceeded to dump half the contents of the cake pan upside down into the oven. OIY!

We were able to salvage some and got another mixed and into another pan. And they were actually very tasty. I have some serious cleaning to do in the oven but S was able to decorate the cake and make it beautiful! ;o)

E has decided that now that he is 4 yrs old that he will start peeing while standing and dressing himself. He's so grown.

After dinner D and I got the boys ready for bed and went out for a date. We went to see Transformers! I am so totally a geek when it comes to that movie. I LOVE Optimus Prime. I mostly enjoyed the movie. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that wants to see it, but there are parts when I was not a happy camper. But for the most part I was on the edge of my seat, gasping and enthralled.

Today was our church wide mission meeting. It went really well I think. We had about 9 people there and one already signed and deposited commitment. I know there are others. I am so excited to see how it all goes. God has been moving and shaking! I have been on the phone this week with more people from my church than I ever have learning about the ways things work, and how it all comes together.

I have felt God move, and open doors and touch people in pretty amazing ways.

This morning at church He spoke so powerfully through other people that I was in tears.

D and I usually sit in the balcony of the church. During our prayer time, we are given the opportunity to say, out loud, our prayer request. A member of our church who I know has had issues with her husband asked for prayers for "a father dealing with depression and his faith." She was catty-corner to us in the balcony.

We had offering and then as we began to sing the next song, How Great is Our God,...her husband walked in and stood next to her. I don't know how many people saw this or knew what it meant...but I just stood there in tears and rejoiced at how great our God truly is.

He provides, He lifts, He gives peace, and He strengthens.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Made me cry! Because OUR GOD IS SO GREAT!!!! Pray for God to keep moving in such a powerful way that we all stand up and take notice!!

Andrea Hill said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. 4 day weekends are so awesome especially for us working moms, huh? Another 3 day coming up next weekend. Glad you had a date night with your hubby.