Monday, June 22, 2009

Pics from Saturday (and some Sunday) afternoon

N supervising the paver installation
Taking a break with GG (great grandma)
E and GG conversing about the wonderful qualities of cheese sticks.
N and Grandma Cheryl (not really grandma, but we call her that anyway)

Grandma Cheryl showing the boys how to make the measuring tapes work.

Helping pic up magnolia buds in the yard

Practicing soccer

Look at my yard treasures (ok these are Sunday pictures)

My Nanny and Grandma Cheryl are the best!!!
N being goofy
Into the mind of N. He loves to order things and arrange them. He brought me into the room with my eyes closed so he could show me his work.

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Andrea Hill said...

Such awesome pics. And E. looks so funny and comfortable with all your family.