Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reading again...

I have been reading like crazy lately...obviously from my recent posts. ;o) But I am actually finishing the books this time. I am notorious for starting books and not finishing them, but I have really found some great ones lately and enjoy sharing them.

Actually Erin told me about this one, it's called Jantsen's Gift by Pam Cope with Aimee Molloy. It's a relatively new book, just came out in 2009.

I cried on and off through the whole book. I don't say that to turn you off of it, but there is so much sad and great stuff going on that you just can't help but be touched.

It's a true story about Pam who lost her 17 yr old son Jantsen suddenly to an undiagnosed heart issue, and how she grieved, then turned that loss into a life filled with saving the lost.

As I was reading it I just wanted to be her! Not the losing the son part, I think I cried most through that.... but all that she does, from riding on the back of a moped on the streets of Vietnam, to the brothels in Cambodia to Lake Volta in Ghana.

I was reminded for about the millionth time that there is need every where... so much need! I just wanted to get on a plane and travel with her. I wanted to shake my fist at the injustice and rejoice in the triumphs.

She started a foundation called Touch a Life Kids.

Reading this book has helped me to refocus, or recommit myself to the plan I feel God has for me in Ethiopia. I never strayed but after reading Scared and then this book I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the amount and size of need in the world. One of the things Pam Cope says in the book a couple of times was that the need and the sheer volume of effort it takes to make even some of the smallest changes, had her wanting to curl into a ball and forget it all. I have felt that was as well. I am not sure how reading this clarified it for me, but I have been able to see that God chooses people. He has a plan, he knows what needs to be done and who He needs to get it done. Not every one can be passionate about the same thing or nothing would change. We all have passion, we all have a gift and I love when God shows us what it is. I could jump on a plane to Ghana, or Vietnam, or Cambodia and fall in love and want to work there too... but would it give me the same passionate yearning I feel for Ethiopia? Maybe. I don't think so though.

I feel like's children, it's wounded, it's HIV/AIDS victims... those are the people that keep me up at night. Those are the people that make me have to put my ipod on Il Divo's Christmas CD and block out the noise in my head so that I can get some sleep.

There are others that are passionate about abortion, foster care, rights of unborn children, HIV+ orphans, adoption, parental rights, child trafficking... so many people, so many needs and God has put people in place for just those purposes.

I have been focusing my efforts on our trip next year. We have partnered with YWAM Ethiopia to go on this trip to Addis Ababa and Adama. We are setting up information sessions with the church to let them know what we are doing. I have been typing up agenda's, covenants, contracts, calendars and reading all the info sent by Mark, the pastor we will be travelling with. I am SO excited about this trip and it's possibilities. It's not until April and I feel like time is creeping and flying by as we speak. I am excited but scared out of my mind...I am working on trusting God's guidance and His wisdom. He's already taught me a ton! ;o)

If you get a chance read this book...who know's what God will do with your heart. Thank you Erin, love you.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

When God gives us is so we can use them to move the world forward!!! Love it when God is moving in people! I will pray for your trip, and your passions, and what God has planned for you.

Andrea Hill said...

Wow, I have got to read this book even though I just got my Scared book in the mail just today. I sounds really good but also sad and real. That is the only sad thing since my precious ones came home, I just don't get to read much anymore. Before I was reading at least 2 books a months. But I will get to that one next. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great book review. I was so excited to see your family and see two beautiful brown babies. I love adoptive families, they are the best. I pray for your work in Ethiopia and have no doubt that your next visit will change the course of history. Go forth and be Andrea. Pam Cope

Leslie said...

I can't wait to read those books! God give people different passions and places of service. It reminds me of the verse about how we are different parts of the body, but the same body, and if we were all the same part, that would be a very strange body that couldn't do what we all can do as our own part.