Thursday, June 11, 2009


I love to watch my kids.

I love to see who they are.

Z is my oldest, he's grown a ton since he's become a follower of Christ. Every once in a while I see that little boy in his face, see the shy guy behind the grown up facade. But I also see a leader, a guy who wants to see things happen. I can't wait to see what God does with him.

S now there's a girl with some gumption... she's full of herself and She is the champion of all. Mess with her friends or the people she loves and you better move out of the path of hurricane S. The other day she called me in a complete blow out, upset because her best friend's boyfriend had cheated on her. You would have thought he cheated on S for heavens sake. I am praying about how to channel all that indignance into something positive. Pray with me. ;o)

N is my balls to the wall kid. Excuse the expression but he isn't afraid of anything and is always 'on'. He will jump into the pool head first without a thought, he rides his bike like he's being chased by the wind and runs every where he goes. But he also will be quiet and gentle with tiny babies, and will champion any girl he sees being wronged. He's gonna be fun in school. I anticipate getting letters home from his teachers about his talking. ;o)

I am loving watching E grow and learning about his personality. He's a funny little dude. Last night we were outside riding bikes. He has an orange Harley Davidson trike that has buttons that make noise. I so wish I could have captured his face and actions on film. One of the buttons on the trike is music so there he was riding, bopping his head, and looking every bit the motorcycle rider except for the Lightening McQueen helmet. :o) He has a determination that I love! He's gaining strength all the time and he will chase N all over the yard trying to catch up. N runs like lightening, E not so much, but he sure tries.

While watching them ride bikes last night I was struck again by the gift that they are. N flying around with a huge grin on his face as if to say...come on world lets play! E pumping his legs, face all frowned with determination as if to say.. come on world I can take you! These are the times I think about their families in Ethiopia wishing I could share these mental movies with them. Wishing they could see what these boys are growing into. How smart they are, how loving, how truly amazing.

I am a blessed momma.


Cindy said...

I love hearing about your kids, and their own personal "style". They have a wonderful Mama caring for them all and guiding the way!
love ya!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Amen to that!!!! It is hard to know that others are missing out, but just realizing how blessed you are! Blows my mind. Love hearing about your family.

Our journey following Christ said...

You are a blessed momma. And living your life in the center of His will. Beautiful!


LisaShaw said...

You have a beautiful family and they have you and that's awesome. May the presence of GOD always be with you all.

Love ya.