Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Court

So, I think I am going to stop posting about all the great things God does because obviously someone else reads it and tries to flub up my faith.


We did not pass court today so no picture to share. ;o(  There was some paperwork missing.  I was initially pretty upset.  Still am, I want my boy, but we specifically prayed last night for God's timing, for His provision and that we would trust Him... even when we hit road bumps.

So, now we wait probably another 10 days at least, and then travel.  I AM thankful that we didn't have to wait for a later court date to find this issue and then wait that much longer. There is a blessing there.  God has my little man in His hands and will continue to hold Him until we get there.

I will say that another light in our lives is the outpouring of love and support we have received for our garage sale this weekend, our garage has over flowed into the house.  YAY GOD!

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Andrea said...

So sorry to hear that. What is really awesome though that you are going to make it before the courts close and hopefully you will get to travel very soon. Hang in there.