Friday, July 25, 2008's something

We found out today that we didn't make it through court this week.  Apparently there is a piece of paper from some government office that wasn't available.
And since it's a government office, not ours, they cannot "demand" that it be done.  I get that.

So the news is that they "expect" the paper to be filed this coming week.

If that is the case our travel date has been moved back to August 18th.

I will admit to blowing a bit of a gasket when I read that information.  Considering we were supposed to have traveled in July.  I had to apologize to the bearer of the news.

This time frame does allow for D to finish up a job is working on, so he won't have to worry about leaving a job at the end.

The airfare seems to be much cheaper during that time frame, that's a HUGE relief.

We will miss S's High school orientation, she's starting in a special program called "Legal Studies" that allows students to study the legal system so they may pursue a career either in law or law enforcement.  She wants to be a juvenile lawyer. Anyway we will miss that, AND her first day at High School. We will also miss Z's first day at college.

We will be gone for my birthday but it's not a big mile stone or anything, so it's no big whoop. ;o)

So... we wait for a bit more.

D was also in a fender bender today, some guy ran into his back end.  He's fine, and it was superficial damage.  But it wasn't a great day to deal with that issue as well.

Looking forward to a good weekend.


Matthew and Amanda said...

I'm sorry for the setback. I know how disheartening they can be. God's timing can be so frustrating for those of us who can't see the whole picture! I was there a few short months ago.


Leslie said...

I'm so sorry. I am praying for you guys and especially for E.