Monday, July 7, 2008

Better than good weekend

This weekend was one of joy and humility.
We had a huge garage sale on Saturday.  We were inundated with donations and was unbelievable. 
Saturday morning we had friends show up at 6:15am to help us set up.
We had family over to help, even my dad and that was one of the most amazing things to me.  He may not realize it, but it was priceless to have him there to share.  My mom helped categorize things cause that's what she does...and does it WELL! And my mother in law was priceless in with her help in the areas where we couldn't be.  
We had so many blessings.  But the biggest one to us both was that the night before we asked God for a specific figure.  Now we know that's bold, but we are told to ask, and you don't receive if you don't ask.  We just knew that whatever we were given would be the right amount.  
Well, God provided that amount and more!! Over and above what anyone should make in one day at a garage sale.  God was so amazing!!!

We are both so humbled by the outpouring of love from friends and family.  SO humbled.  

Thank you God!

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