Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Friday no news....

I feel like a broken record. ;o)

We have heard nothing this week about our case.  I haven't posted because it feels a bit redundant.  We have cancelled a week of our guest house just in case another family needs it. That made me sad.  We are going to stay at a wonderful guest house in Addis called the Addis Kidane, there is a family there already with their child, and one going soon to pick up their daughter.

This week as been a busy one other wise.  We have had VBS, Power Lab, at our church.  N has really seemed to enjoy it.  He comes home singing fun songs, and telling everyone that God loves them. ;o)  S has been helping out, and landed herself a babysitting job. She is stoked, she has decided that she would like to learn to surf.  Or do something athletic.  Not sure where that came from, but I will not discourage her. ;o)

I hope today is the day that brings good news, but at this point I am just hanging on to God with all I have to remain patient and calm.  I am not so good at it.  I know He is holding E in ET and us here, and that there will be a day soon that we are together.

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