Friday, July 18, 2008

Woo hoo got more step closer!!!

We found out today that the paperwork needed for E's court stuff has been obtained...and I think submitted.  We are waiting to see if we have to have another court date or this will just pass us. Pray for the passing!!! ;o)
It feels SO good just have a piece of news... I don't do the limbo well... haven't EVER. ;o)

I pray that we have great news to share on Monday, whether it be a court date or a pass notice! ;o)

Today is better than good!!

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Tarah said...

You are in our prayers!

You and I talked about hair the last time you and I were going through court. Just think it is funny. You are the one that told me I could take a hairdryer after I saw how BEAUTIFUL you looked in all the travel pics. :)