Monday, June 30, 2008

Funny how God works

We are having a garage sale on Saturday to get some money together for our traveling expenses. It's funny because we have been praying for God's leading, for him to open doors or windows and show us the way.
Well, this garage sale has had things kind of petering in, but in the last couple of days I just kinda was like God, this is in your hands, do with it what you will.  You know what we need and what it will take.  Please bless this endeavor.  And in the last couple of days we have been given SO much!!! We have baby items, and furniture, and clothes, and exercise bikes... and so much more on the way.
He put into place an amazing person that will be traveling with us, and when D has to leave me, we will have each other, as it looks like her man may not be able to come.  
He is working out Daycare issues and monetary issues and showing us how He means this to be.

D and I are still overwhelmed with how fast this is coming, and how quickly it has all fallen into place.  We talked today about the fact that when God opens the doors we are to walk through them.  

We are walking scared but with confidence that God has this covered.

Can't wait to show off little E's picture tomorrow!!


Matthew and Amanda said...

I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT wait to see your sons picture!!


Andrea said...

Hi Andrea,

It's the other Andrea from our agency. I didn't realize you would be traveling so soon. That is so awesome. Yes God is good and he will put it all together just at the right time.

Spark said...

When we started the process to adopt A, we didn't have the $$ and weren't quite sure how it would all come together. However, we were quite certain that this was the way God was leading us. At the same time, we were fighting with our neighbor over a stupid property line dispute. Time went on - and we hadn't been able to arrange the adoption money. All of a sudden, a friend from our church offered to help us with the property matter, and acted as a neutral third party. Our neighbor decided to buy a portion of our property from us and guess what? The market value was the exact amount we needed for our adoption! (and we became good friends with the neighbors). God is Great.

Edie N.