Monday, July 21, 2008

Guess what?

No news!!!
Surprise! ;o)

So we actually had a really great weekend.  We spent Saturday morning with great friends at the beach.
Then Saturday evening with our friends from Emmaus, at a 20 year celebration.  The music was awesome, the company was awesome, and it was so much fun to see all the people who's lives have been touched and changed by the love of Christ. 
Sunday afternoon was a bit of a downer as we had to say good bye to a dear friend, as he had gone home to heaven earlier in the week.  The celebration of life was truly a blessing, and a testament to the man that he had been.
Sunday night was spent just vegging and praying that today would be the day that we finally heard that we could travel.

I feel an urgency as never before to get there to pick up my son.  Perhaps it's the critical condition of my friend Carolyn's daughter.  She desperately needs to be lifted in prayer.  They still have a week in the country and her sweet 10 yr old daughter weighs a whopping 32 lbs.  If you feel led, please lift them up!!!

We are still hoping to be able to travel before the end of July...but I am not holding my breath. ;o)

Maybe we will have good news tomorrow. ;o)

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