Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maybe tomorrow?

So today the news is that the paper they need from the women's ministry in ET was not at the court again when they tried to submit our case.
We are told it is done however and is to be there tomorrow and tomorrow we should pass.
This is fairly happy news.

But then there were a few people that passed today that haven't been waiting nearly as long and I had a moment of pity party.  I do NOT wish this wait on anyone, I just was sad that we are still waiting.

So if you hear whooping and hollering tomorrow you will know it's me.  And probably my adoption coordinator cause I KNOW she is sick of my whining.  I am a bit over it myself.  hhhmmm wine I think I will go have a glass and toast to a passed court date tomorrow when we can FINALLY call him ours.  AND share his picture.  

Care to toast with me?


Leslie said...

Praying that today is the day.

Julee said...

I am so sorry Andrea, nothing makes a mommy crazier than this court work stuff...so very our of our control. Don't you hate that!? The glass of wine can offer a bit of help but better if you sip it with some great chocolate
mommy to many
including 8 from Ethopia
waiting waiting, waiting for some more from there