Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday morning

Sheesh what a week again... not really eventful, but it seems so long already.  
Still no news, so still no travel.  We were supposed to have been there already.  We were originally going to leave on the 14th, then the 21st and here it is the 23rd and here we still sit.
I am glad I was here last night though.  Had a bit of a scare.  S was pretty sick yesterday, sick to her stomach, body aches, and a high fever, I ended up in the emergency room with her.  She had some pretty severe back pain so we were afraid it may be a kidney infection.  It's not thank God, but she does have a pretty nasty viral infection.
D has been sick for the last couple of days, although nothing like this, and I have been trying VERY hard not to come down with it.   The blessing I see here is that we are home, and not in ET while this is happening.

Maybe today is the day we will here some good news!

Please continue to lift my friend Carolyn in your prayers.

Also there was a very tragic attack on one of AAI's orphanages in Ghana.  None of the children were hurt physically , but some staff were badly injured both physically and emotionally. A few of the girls witnessed the brutality.
Please lift in prayer for emotional and physical healing.

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