Monday, December 14, 2009

The weekend that was...

I should have entitled that "The weekend that was CRAZY!"

We were so busy this weekend, it should have been illegal. We had good times though. ;o)

Saturday we got up and did a bit of cleaning then headed out to our 'local' Ethiopian restaurant. I say 'local' because it's about 45 mins away. The boys had been begging and I thought it would be fun if we could get some of our mission team along. Only 2 were able to come but they brought their families so we had about 20 people. The menu had been expanded so we had a bit more choice. Oh my goodness! YUMMO. The boys were in heaven. I swear E ate half his weight in food!

Then we had to get back to get N ready for his first choir performance of the weekend. He's so stinking cute! I can't even stand it! He is such a joy to watch up there on the stage. He dances and makes up his own cool moves. We got so many comments about how fun he is to watch. He had a second performance on Sunday night and was even more animated. I SO wish I had a video camera. I think we are going to have to invest in one! E was sitting next to me on Sunday night and he kept saying "What my brudder doing? That guy funny."

Sunday we had church. Great sermon! I love our pastors they are truly a gift to us.

After church we had family lunch with our couples group. That's always fun. ;o) Then back to church for the other service. My dad was even able to come out at watch. He was instructed to by mom who had to be out of

I am exhausted but in a good way. Lots of good church and good fellowship, I love times like that. This coming weekend beginning Wednesday is going to be nuts. Christmas parties and get togethers and friends and family. All the way through to Sunday night. It will sure make the time go by quickly though as we are counting the days to our big Christmas trip! YAY! Wyoming here we come!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Sounds like fun to me. Our kids definitely livened up our Christmas program. Especially our Elizabeth- she is such a nut! Has great rhythm though!! Love it that our kids have fun praising- that is the way it is meant to be!

Andrea Hill said...

Jam packed weekend for you. The good thing about ET restaurants is that they seem to accomodate large crowds easily and they never seem annoyed like in American restaurants. Usually our kids even go as far as going into the kitchen helping the cook. That is a beautiful choir. Amazing.

Amy Jo said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks so much for sharing in our joy about our new son! God is SO good!!! Praying His sweet blessings upon you and your precious family this Christmas!