Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pics that didn't make it....and other stuff

So this week has been crazy at work. I love the new position. It's challenging and not really as glamourous as the title sounds yet but it's sure made the week fly by. No kidding yesterday it was 11:30 before I knew it!

Chris and Anna are doing well. They are in a motel. It's not great but they are off the streets and not cold so that's a great step forward! Anna's not terribly motivated. She sweet but happy to be a "slug-a-bed" as she called it. Chris is so ready to move forward he's been great. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers there. They still need it, it's such a complicated story on many levels. God's got some good stuff brewing.

I have to tell on my self a bit though... God is always showing me how much more humble I need to be. So sad how often that has to happen really. Anyway, Sunday D had asked me to ask our Sunday school class if they would be willing to help pay for the hotel for the rest of the month. I wasn't sure I would ask in the middle of the class because we have a member who I was afraid would make some waves. I told D I would ask them later so as not to ask in front of this member. During class God nudged me to ask so I decided to obey. At the end of class we all had a chance to pray individually and this person not only prayed for Chris and Anna, she asked for help for them... it was a beautiful prayer that had me in tears. Talk about humble pie. In this case it was good stuff.

This weekend we are going to eat at the sort of local Ethiopian restaurant for lunch. Some of our mission team is coming along to taste the food to see what they are in Can't wait to eat it!

N is in 2 Children's Choir programs and we are having lunch with friends on Sunday. Oiy! Not much

And now for the pics that will not be in the Christmas cards this year. ;o) Just for your enjoyment.

Have a Better than Good weekend!


Abbey said...

That is a nice looking group of kids!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I love those pics!!!! continued prayers......

Adeye said...

Aaahhh---such cute pics :)

Wow, friend, what a journey you are walking with your 'new friends'. It sure does sound like the Lord has gone before you. I can't wait to hear how things work out in the days to come.

Andrea Hill said...

Oh I love it!! I should post the pics the didn't make the card. What a great idea. I love the other pictures.