Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mission Team Dinner

Yet another reason to rejoice!

We are going on a mission trip! SO excited about that one!! Thursday night we got together with our families and celebrated Christmas and togetherness. It was so much fun. We have one crazy Lots of laughter, lots of conversation, lots of joy! The closer we get, the more excited.

We have a fundraiser on Tuesday night at a local restaurant. Then we our next one is in January. I did have a conversation with our associate pastor last night that some funds that were to be allotted to us may not be happening. This is a test in faith. I choose to believe that some of the attacks coming against the team both financially and otherwise are because we are going to do great things in His name. Or maybe WE aren't going to do great things but He is and we will be able to witness to it here at home. Either way I can't to see what it is! Please pray with us that we stay focused on His work and not on the financial aspect. It will come.

Here are some pics of us ;o)
Our team minus 2.
This is E, she is our powerhouse host for dinner. What a great lady! She's a mile a minute. Her house was amazing! There were 15 Christmas trees!!! It was almost too much for my boys to handle. SO much to see and
R. He's so much fun! This is our 'manny' from the summer, and now he's coming along. The kids in ET are going to love him. He's a great jungle gym.
D and B. B has a great smile doesn't she?! D is an assistant principle and B is a teacher at a local private school. Lots of education on this team. I am looking forward to seeing what that will translate into on the team.
R and his son. R is a builder. Great spirit filled guy. He's such a great part of our team.
R and J. These guys are gonna be trouble. ;o) In a good way. Great sense of humor, great spirit of God.
Our host had glitter make up that the boys got to play in. I captured N in his. U can't really see it here. But he's so cute I had to share it. ;o)


Adeye said...

God is doing AMAZING things, my friend.

Have a great weekend.

Andrea Hill said...

Awhh, those pictures brought tears to my eyes. Wished I could have been there and especially still go.