Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 Years!

3 Years ago this week we met our N!

Can you believe 3 years have gone by?!

I can't.

It's to hard to put into words how life has changed for us all since he came to us.

I remember seeing his little face for the first time on my computer. He tiny little head shot was the first one I opened. I wondered what was going through his little head at that moment? Then I opened the next picture, saw the little wet patch and had a chuckle. Poor little guy, on top of everything he had had to endure they were taking pictures of him in wet pants. The indignity!

Then the day we arrived in Ethiopia. D and I both cried when our plane landed, we had fought so hard to get to this point. We were finally there!

Then his beautiful little dimpled smile looking at us as we drove into the compound. I had scanned all the little faces as they looked back at us from behind the sliding glass door. I saw him in a instant and my first words were "He has dimples! BONUS!" ;o) You can't tell me you don't just die when you see those amazing dimples! ;o)

We got into the room and that was the end of the He wanted nothing to do with us. Understandably so. He was so smart even at the age of 2 yrs. Poor little man, we were about to rock his world.

One of my favorite memories of our time was a night that D and I had walked down to the orphanage on our own to visit him. (they wanted us to keep the kids at the orphanage until the Embassy appointment to help with transition). We got there, a nanny went to get him, and he cautiously came to sit with us. We just sat on the floor with him in my lap and talked...or 'communicated' I guess is the better word. ;o) The lights went out while we were there so we got out our cell phones and looked at all the pictures. We would name the people and he would name them back to us. It was precious.

Then the other kids came in the room. We were sitting nicely looking at pictures when all of a sudden N got up from my lap, stomped over to the other kids, scolded 1 or 2 of them ...wagging a finger...then huffed back to me, sat down and continued looking at the pics. ;o) No clue what they said, or what he said. But it sure gave us a window into his personality. He's still bossy. ;o)

It's not all been a cake walk. In fact this last year has been more of a tight rope walk...but he's my precious son. My sweet, bossy, crazy, creative, insane, fearless, courageous, back talking, chatterbug, dancing king, song bird, son.

I love that little man so very much. I can't believe God blessed me with this sweet boy.

My heart hurts for the family that doesn't get to witness his greatness every day. See that smile that is on his face every single morning when he comes running saying "Good morning mommy! I love you!" He misses them. I am so glad I have a way to tell them now that he does miss them, as much as they miss him. ;o( Oh how that hurts...

Adoption has changed our lives in so many ways. All of them good, but not all of them painless. We have this new family, across the world. We have a branch grafted to our family tree that adds such an amazing dimension.

I can't wait to see what amazing fruit we will get to see born.

Happy 3 years home my sweet precious N!


Adeye said...

CONGRATS on such a special, special day!!! I know how three years just seems to fly by. What a blessing this sweet boy is to your family. How blessed you are to have been chosen by the Father to GO!

Rejoicing with you, my friend.

Me. Us. She. said...

Thanks for sharing this. He is such a handsome boy! Amanda

Our journey following Christ said...

Beautiful, Andrea! I remember watching Emilee's video of her boys (because we were soon to travel to pick up our boys and there were little glimpses of them on it). I remember seeing you, you husband and N and thinking...that will be us soon! Since you had older kids and were 'starting over' I thought I could relate to your family.

One part of the video stands the goodbye ceremony, N spilled his orange Fanta and your husband didn't get ruffled at all. I thought, "Wow, I'm going to have to be patient like that with my new little ones and their little accidents!" It was an adorable part and for some reason it's vividly etched in my memory.

Oh, and boy have I learned uber-patience since!!

Congratulations on 3 wonderful years.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love hearing your story. Not easy, but worth it. Yeah!!!

Kathy said...

Congrats on your 3rd anniversary to you all!!

Tiffany said...

3 years! My how that time flies. Your refelctions were beautiful.