Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life in pictures

Just so you don't think my life is all angst and inner here's some fun that actually does happen around here. ;o)

Decorating the tree

S always gets to put the angel on the tree
At church decorating the Advent Wreath for home. That was actually alot of fun. I may have a new career. ;o)
Boys being silly. ;o)
N enjoying E's Christmas show tonight.... he was having a blast.
Performing does not seem to be in E's future, but he was one stinkin cute Wise Man! I had so sit on stage with him then walk him up to his place and sit stage left. ;o) It was cute.
See the little girl in Pink? She's smiling at me... she was a very cute little Mary.
Our little wise guy.


Adeye said...

Precious, precious family memories :)

Andrea Hill said...

I am so proud of you for getting a REAL tree. Hopefully we will get ours this weekend. I am so looking forward to do this with the kids. Love that one pic of S from the side where she is all concentrating.

Kathy said...

THe picture of the boys made me burst out laughing. Too cute