Friday, December 4, 2009

Faithful Friday...

Haven't done a Faithful Friday in a while so here goes.

Update in Chris and Anna. First I want to thank you all for your input. I appreciate your advice and for sharing your experiences with me. I was truly struggling with my feelings and then the guilt. ya know?

One of the things that occurred to me about the hotel room for them was that perhaps that in and of itself was a gift to them. They had 45.00 to their names and were willing to spend it on a room. What occurred to me was that maybe they just wanted some alone time as a couple. I can't imagine trying to live a married life without a home. No room, no privacy, no alone time...nothing. ugh what a thought... not even really imaginable to me. One of the other couples at church had invited them home that night but they just wanted some time alone. I can so respect that.

Chris has been working with D all week. D picks him up and takes him back to the church every day. D is helping them get an efficiency hotel room for the remainder of the winter, or until they can get back on their feet enough to get an apt through a local out reach program. I think we are going to help them with the deposit and first week or so of rent. Then work with them to have them pay the deposit back. As an act of good faith. Even if at a rate of 5.00 a week it gives them ownership.

D has been able to learn alot more about them in the last couple of days, and his heart is even more open to getting them help to get back on their feet. I support him 100%.

We are inviting them to our Sunday School class this Sunday so that some of the other people in the church can get to know them as well.

One of the things I love so much about D is his heart. It's so huge! The thing that gives me pause sometimes is that he is a do-er... he jumps in and does... then thinks about it later. This is where we compliment each other because I am the planner and the thinker.

I need his balance of just doing things sometimes. ;o)

I have been joking with D that if he gets to adopt 2 adults then I get a baby. ;o) He doesn't actually find it amusing.

Although he keeps telling people that I am ready for a baby... kind of his way I think to get himself and others geared up for a new addition. PRAY with me! ;o) I think he's

Last night he even asked me to go with him to visit his co-workers wife and brand new baby boy at the hospital. He called it my 'baby fix'. I told him that while I love holding babies, that it doesn't really help his cause, because it just makes me want one even more. ;o)

So I got to hold a 6hour old baby boy last night. Oh the bliss!!! He was precious! So tiny.

N has had a rough week again. I think he is still having a hard time with the Christmas bustle and all that we have been running around doing. We are really trying to scale back...but man it's tough.

Last night was E's Christmas play. E was a wise man as you can tell from the previous pics. He wouldn't go up to the front without me. Poor little guy... then when he got up there it's a good thing he didn't have to I would have had to hold him while he did. Which would have been fine, but I am not nearly as cute as he is.

N ended up on overload afterwards and we had to sit in the van to calm our over the top tantrum. Poor guy was just so over not being the center of attention. Praying today is a better day for him.

This weekend we are going to church for the Angel Breakfast on Saturday morning.

We may even have SNOW! We rarely get snow here.

I think D is also going to try to put lights outside on the house this weekend. N has been begging for them...because "it makes the house look beautiful!" ;o) Sweet boy.

S will be gone for the weekend at a youth retreat. ;o( I will miss her. I know she will have a blast though.

OH! And good news on the Mission Team front. We are only about $6500.00 from having it fully funded! That's only like 650.00 or so per person more that we need... how GRAND is that?! And we still have 4 months left. Praising God for his goodness and grace!

Well that's life as it stands right now.

I pray you all have a Better than Good weekend!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Have been catching up on your! May God continue to move in your hearts, and for this couple too.

James 1:27 Family said...

I love your blog background!

I'll be praying for your next addition. Isn't it funny how God plants the seeds in the mother's heart first? Seems to always work that way. He'll come around. :)

Thank you so much for your encouragement through our journey. Your words have helped to carry us through.

Many blessings,

Abbey said...

My dear Andrea,
You need to add BRING A TISSUE to the header of your blog. Between you and Erin and your blogging I am all cried out!

Adeye said...

How wonderful that things seem to be going BETTER THAN GOOD for you, friend.

Standing with you and trusting for the desire of your heart--and your hubby's heart :)

SupermomE13 said...

Oh I love you guys. :)

Great job with the mission trip funding and I love what you are doing for Chris and Anna. Give Don a big hug from me!
And don't worry about the baby topic... we'll wear Don down when you are here for Christmas. I am the master!! :)

love you!

LisaShaw said...

Dearest Sister, thank you for sharing the concerns of your heart and the day to day of your precious family. I'm praying for you as I read...I love you and God's plans are so great...

May He give you strength for the next step in all areas as a family.

Love you.