Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great weekend!!

I think I need to slow down. I am working hard on not succumbing to this terrible cold, but I am not sure I am winning. I do feel a bit like the energizer bunny I just keep on going.

Friday night was our Sunday School Christmas party. That was a great time out with good friends. Lots of good food and even some fun trivia questions.

Saturday morning was spent indoors. It was nasty rainy and windy. D had to work for a couple of hours so the boys and I just hung out. We made a make shift tent and played in that for the morning.

D and I then tackled the mall for some Christmas shopping. We were on a mission and had a good list. Stopped at several places but I think we got almost all of it completed. Can I just say though that I do not think we have an issue with the economy here. ALL of the places we visited were mobbed! I mean swamped.

Saturday night we had a special Emmaus service. Love the December gathering with all of our friends. We even had SNOW! Only a slight dusting, but we never get snow around here so it was beautiful to us.

Today I was just feeling too badly in the morning to get to church. Sorry pastor. ;o( So E- man and I watched Home Alone and snuggled on the couch together.

I went this afternoon to get a 'touch up' on my hair before the holiday traveling. Honestly I think I am going to just stop going to the salon all I went for mere highlights. Came home with blonde hair and a bob hair cut. Shortest I have ever had it. Well...the shortest since I had one side shaved in high school, but that's a whole other story. ;o)

It's a very cute cut, just short!!!

Tonight was a fun kids Christmas party with some dear friends. They hire a Santa to come in. The boys were beside themselves with excitement. They both got very quiet and subdued though when it actually came time to sit on his lap. ;o) Great times.

So I am now off to sip my juice under my warm blanket and get some good sleep. Can't be sick for our big trip West!

Hope your weekend was Better Than Good!

Tent time. ;o)
Their reactions to seeing Santa walk into the room.... love it!
E-Man wants a watch. ;o)
I have a turtle-neck on, but you can kind of see the length of the hair... or lack there of. ;o)


Adeye said...

yayyeeee you got SNOW! Wonderful. Slow down, friend--please don't get sick.

Oh I LOVE Kari Jobe :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend! But looks like a fabulous weekend. Love the pictures!

Leslie said...

How fun! Stay warm!!

Abbey said...

I think the hair is darling....and I CANNOT wait to see it IRL!

Cindy said...

LOVE your hair! Seriously cute!

Andrea Hill said...

LOVE that Santa Claus. He looks so real. And you hair color looks really good to including the shortness? Still not a chance we can see a picture of before:)
Glad you got to snuggle with E and watched HOME Alone. My kids love that movie.