Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So much happening...not much to say

Do you ever get to a point that you have so much going on in your head that you don't really know what to do with it all?

That's kind of how I have been so I haven't really had anything to post...lol...not that you all are out there with bated breath wondering what I will say next.

The new job is very busy. It's a good thing. Lots of online work, which doesn't make me want to be online at home.

I am learning a ton and am being given more freedom to get things done at home. Which was a real God send last week when I was sick and had to stay home. I could work from there and not have to take any of my vacation time.

I will need all my vacation time in April. I cannot even fathom the fact that I will be in Ethiopia in 3 months. OMG. ;o)

We are really gearing up now. Only 2 more meetings to discuss what we will be doing and how things will be while there. Can you believe that?! It gets me all kinds of excited just thinking about it.

I am still dreaming of a new little person. D is still sticking to his guns about waiting until S is gone in College. At least I have a glimmer of hope, although that is still 2+ years away. It will sure give us a chance to get ourselves in the right place to be able to bring home another child. Man my arms are missing a another sweet one though!

E has decided that he wants a 'baby Noah' now. Erin's son Noah really touched him. He was so sweet with Noah, when we left for church on Sunday morning he wanted to get home to the baby because he had stayed home with Erin. When I asked him the other day if he still wanted a baby sister, he said "Nope. Me want a baby Noah." I told him baby Noah already had a mommy who loves him, he then said "Me want a baby LIKE baby Noah. No girls" N however wants 2 girls. ;o) So it looks like the boys would be happy with a new addition or 2. Just have to get their dad and sister on board. ;o)

The bathroom now has sheet rock up and I think that will be 'finished' tonight. There was a miss calculation on one of the tile types though. So, I may have a 2 tone shower. Not sure how that plays into the the color of the vanity top I wanted. So, back to colors and trying to work it all out in my head and in the bathroom. It does look like a room though so I am excited about that!

So I guess I do have more to say than I thought.

I will leave you with a boy funny.

The other morning I was getting ready for work and E wanted to know why I had to go to work. I explained the whole bread on the table, clothing on the back, lights and water in the house thing...when N piped up. "E. Mommy has to work to make extra money so we can go back to Wyoming this Summer." E then totally supported my need to work.

The boys have been talking about going back to Wyoming since we left. They 'play' Wyoming, they plan trips to Wyoming, they 'play' with the kids in Wyoming.... guess we better really start saving money huh?

Gosh, good thing I didn't have alot to say. Maybe next time I will share more ;o)

I pray you all have a Better than Good day!


Holli said...

I SO PRAY I WILL ALSO BE IN ET in at least 3 months!! Praying for your trip! glad you are feeling better and just to make you feel even better 2 years goes REALLY FAST! can't wait to see what God has in store!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he he.....
Praying for your trip! Will be here soon!
I am sure God will have a great plan for your future little ones. That is why you ache so much! Praying!

Unknown said...

Well, we can coordinate something in Texas so they can play with their cousin and you guys could visit with mom and dad and John and Angie and the boys. That would be so cool!

Adeye said...

Ha--not bad for someone with nothing to say :)

You are toooo funny.

Oh don't worry about the new addition--God's got it all figured out. My guess is sooner than you think :)

SupermomE13 said...

This post is just waht I needed tonight... Kiss those boys for me (and for baby Noah!)

LOVE YOU and miss you guys something awful. :)

Andrea Hill said...

I can't believe how fast the mission trip is coming up. I know you must be so excited. I have been praying for your new addition/s by the way. Just remember Andrea, the most important thing is your husband because you guys have to feed and clothes them. I have noticed that with Danica she is weird at first and once they are home she is all in love with them. Can't wait to see your finished bathroom and how awesome you got to work from home (my dream).

Lisa Smith said...

yes! i always have so much going on in my head i never know what to do with it all!!