Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

So, what started with an old tiny shower that needed new tile, has become a new bathroom. yay!

Can I tell you how great it is to have a hubby who knows how to do this kind of stuff?! Well some times it's great... He's always wanting to remodel stuff, and I am not always ready.

This time it's a good thing. AND it's great that he knows people who will come help do things like move plumbing pipes around for a very minimal fee. Thank you God! Otherwise we would just be living with one less shower for quite a while longer. ;o)

So here is the progress so far. I didn't think to get a true 'before' pic, but you can still sort of see the progress.

This pic is from the door to the bathroom. As you can see it was really rather small. Can you see the hideous green vinyl on the floor where the toilet was? yuck!
This is the closet that we took over to give us some space. I am kind of bummed not to have the closet any more. It just means we have to be more creative about storage and not keep so much junk. ;o)
This is another part of the closet, the hole in the wall is where the access panel was to the shower previously, and that's D's shirt on the other side of it.
This was the shower. You can see the hole behind him from the other side here. Sure was a tiny shower, I never used it. ;o)

Now the closet wall is gone, I am standing in the hallway looking from what was the closet door. Look how much more space there is already. ;o)
Plumbing going in. YAY!

So there you have it... the before of my new beautiful bathroom. We have an earthy brown and green (trust me it's pretty) tile to go in the shower. Very light sandy colored tile going on the floor. White vanity with a mocha top to compliment the shower tile. Brushed Nickel fixtures and a pretty brown to go on the walls. Sounds
I hope it looks as good in the bathroom as it does sitting together in my kitchen waiting to be installed. ;o)

The boys are fascinated with the process. I took E with me to the store last night and N stayed home watching daddy and B work on the plumbing. He sat nicely on his stool and asked tons of questions about what they were doing. Daddy loved it! ;o) Every morning the boys wake up and ask if the bathroom is done yet. ;o) So cute.

Can't wait to share the finished product! ;o)


Unknown said...

It IS such a blessing to have a handy husband. We would never have the house we have without my man! I LOVE all the colors you picked out. I can just imagine it all :) Can't wait to see the finished product!

Cindy said...

fun stuff! cant wait to see the finished product! and so great when the kids can take in those learning moments from 'real life' experiences! :)

Cindy said...

yay! my comment worked this time!

Abbey said...

YEAH! I'm so excited for you! My new bathroom is my favorite room in the house!

Adeye said...

That looks wonderful, can hardly wait to see the finished product. FABULOUS having a handy hubby.

Andrea Hill said...

You have like no clue how happy I am for you. A nice ole bathroom is just so comforting. At least your hubby is not a talker and puts his money where his mouth is. My hubby bought tile 5 years ago and its still in the garage. Can't wait to see the finished project.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hey, there is a lot to learn from remodeling.....yep....we have remodeled and added an addition since being here...patience is a verb.....bless you and praying it all goes well!

John said...

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